April Poem #3 (sample)

Prepping for the Northwestern University Press reading at 612 Brew in Minneapolis on Saturday, April 11th at AWP. Prepping all these beer love poems. Hope you enjoy this sample--and hope to see you there if you're in town. You will hear this poem in full & many more!

Beer Poem #1 (excerpt)

But shit—I love you. Can’t apologize. Love you so ice, ice cold my

palms sweat silk & smooth, love you pale wheat ale & malted—love


you lager-ed up, cream, amber & rye. Love you wild ale & stout—give it to

me. Love you spiced & smoked, porter-ed & imperial, love you double & brown.


Love you revelatory & w/ ulta high alcohol per volume. Love you cocky

& amble, love you bawdy & body,  all complexish-ness & pomposity.


Beer, you ceremony & shrine—you shine shine. You ritualistic renegade

you boozy, carbonated elixir of all things. You intoxicator. You red-eye moon


shine & thick-bodied on my tongue. All you ever do


is gratify my thirst.