April Poem #2

Tonight, I am hungry & posting the whole poem. It's about food--a true love of my life.

Hope you enjoy. 


Bronx, my love

after Willie Perdomo

& for Grand Concourse Jamaican Bakery & Sindy’s



it’s the sweet in the sugar

the rice in the bowl

the red in the beans

the hot in the sauce

the salt in the cod.

It’s the cabbage in the patty

the coco in the bread,

it’s the egg & the cheese

the butter in the roll

the pork in the taco,

the pepper in the hash

the yolk in the egg

the wheat in the bread

it’s the fry in the chicken

the mayo on the bun

it’s the pop in the soda

the quench in the hunger

the full in the belly

the sate in the gut

the wind in my smile

the tilt of my jaw

the taunt of my teeth

the sly of my lips

& the yes in my grin.