April Poem #13 (sample)


But she's a bad girl

Because she wants to be free

She wants to be free


& Transatlantic telephone cables continue & earth orbiting

satellites are launched to measure shapes of clouds, cause

& rotation.  Locus pinpointed.  Kind of Blue recorded.  Slim

progression & harmony, honey score & flit, fleet, modality—

sets & scales.  Able & Baker barrel through space weightless

wonder rhesus & squirrel aboard Jupiter AM-18 back towards

the deep end of all the 50’s—collision & pomp.  Pompadours 

& still cigarettes.


& Barbie is born.


She wasn't a bad girl, girl at first

So good at the start

But now, now we must part

Oh yes, she's bad girl


*Lyrics from Bad Girl - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles