April Poem #12 (sample)

American Arabic, Irish, Italian Abecedarian w/ Blue(d)grass & Bourbon(d) Influences


Alphabetize existence: adage, acreage, age: under, old, less (is more—or is it?)

behold bourbon barrel B-town baby (girl), believer in bats, bells & boom boxes

causing cold chills in chlorine contaminated city pools

dreaming days of dodging disasters

existing to elevate—elevation &

fetch, fast forward float.


Gargantuan(ly) gussied up, no guise, all gall gall, gall, all gumption & good 

hell of a hellion—high water(ed), heathen(ed) hexer of helium & high(ed) hopes

inclusion in instrumental, illustrious illusions, inventions 

justifying the jut & juke & jaw of juvenile—cause I was