April Poetry Month - Seventeen Magazine - Found Poem #1

Happy Poetry Month! I have been writing a poem a day & wanted to post some of the new work. We are working on media literacy with the Bronx Poetry Project & we spent some time analyzing magazine covers - what a wild world we entered. So much madness. Hope you enjoy. 

Seventeen Magazine

Found Poem #1

You won’t be able to stop checking out your butt, but

be brave this year. This year look Hot! Hot! Hot! 

in your jeans. Girls Gone Wild (for less). Less 

is more. More is more. But how far must a girl go

to get his attention? Hot Abs. Hot Arms. Hot Thighs

How far must a girl go? His attention? How hot hot 

hot is his attention – girl. Get Instagram Instaglam. Oh!

Fashion, beauty & body tricks. Tricks of the beauty trade—

Bikini Body Confidence. Blitz. Glitz. Gutz. Butz & Bendz.

Slutz & Steady Glamor. Sexy cuts. Sexy tone. Sexy sexy

sexy sexy sexy sexy. Sexy. Amazing shine. Shine & get 

the guy. Get flat abs. Fast. Get major confidence. Get: 

Gutted. Get: Guilty. Get: Major stressors. Get smooth

skin fast. Get 625 pretty looks for YOU. Party hair. Party

skin. Party boobs. Party bod. 763 fashion tips & beauty 

tricks. Boost your bra size in one month. Boost your hot

flat abs. Boost your confidence. Boost your mood w/

659 new luscious lip colors. Learn to kiss. Sexy like.

This issue is for YOU. 

This issue is for YOU—

Is this issue

for YOU? Who 

is this issue for?